2021 Mission Trip

2021 Mission Trip to Washington DC

You are invited to join us for our 2021mission trip to Washington DC.. In 2019 we didn’t know what to expect when we headed south on 95 to partner with Winter Park Baptist Church, but God knew what was before us and had a plan for us to share his love in many different ways. We had the privilege to serve a refugee family from Rwanda and help a single mom as she worked to build a new life for her and her children. We served in the community garden of the Walking Tall Ministry which serves a daily meal to the homeless of Wilmington and offers some housing to those in need. We ministered to the elderly who so often struggle with loneliness and more. As we served, God strengthened our relationships with each other and with him.

In 2021, God has more work for us to do. I hope you will consider taking a week this summer to dedicate to serving God and developing your relationship with Him. It is a great trip for those who have never been on a mission trip before and for those who want to come and serve together as a family. Let us take hold of the call of God to be witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth and to serve those in need. See Link for more info.