On That Day

November 14, 2020

Hope for Generations

November 7, 2020

Life is full of struggles we often want to avoid. God has a different plan. He uses the struggles in our life not to burn us up, but to refine…

The Fear of the Lord

October 17, 2020

The Race

October 11, 2020


October 3, 2020
It is hard to face our sins, to let them pierce our heart and repent. Jesus was pierced to open a path for us to forgiveness, so we can face…

30 Pieces of Silver

September 27, 2020
The Son of God was betrayed for just 30 pieces of silver, the amount paid for the life of a slave. He paid with his life to save you and…
We find comfort and hope offered from many different sources, but there is only one place we will find hope which will never let us down and comfort which will…
If you were looking for someone to save you, you probably aren't expecting someone riding in on a donkey. Yet this is just what Jesus did fulfilling the prophecy made…